Commercial Video Surveillance

One of the main business benefits of video surveillance is the real-time footage available to monitor critical business areas continuously, 24/7 in real time as and when required for business owners.

Why Your Business Should Consider Installing Video Surveillance

When it comes to the overall safety and security of your business, a video surveillance system is a must.
The sight of video cameras discourages criminals from theft and vandalism before it happens. Most criminals will move on to an easier, less protected target.
in the current social climate the very importance of surveillance in business cannot be understated to ensure the overall safety of your possessions and the individuals working for you.
Video monitoring is one of the most common forms of surveillance available today. There are more than 25 million operational video surveillance cameras globally, and experts believe that around 67% of the burglaries taking place in businesses could be avoided by installing real-time security measures such as live video camera monitoring.
A well-designed and efficient surveillance system placement within your business premise can provide you with peace of mind. Multiple cameras work together to provide a security mesh which can easily be tracked. This way, you can keep an eye on the vulnerable areas while ensuring the safety of your customers and or employees.

Reduce and Prevent theft and fraud

By placing CCTV/IP cameras at strategic locations throughout your businesses’ operating area, you can help prevent acts of vandalism, break-ins, and other serious crimes. According to a recent retail study, many small businesses lose close to $50k in a year due to such factors, especially in high-crime areas.
Another factor to consider is that many non-retail businesses face theft too, In most of these cases, employees themselves are responsible. Video security cameras placed in strategic locations can deter such employees from going ahead with their plans, therefore leading to a much safer work environment protecting your physical and intellectual property.

real-time monitoring

One of the main business benefits of video surveillance is the real-time footage available to monitor critical business areas continuously, 24/7 in real time as and when required for business owners. Today, with technological advancements, such monitoring can be easily conducted from a central command at your business site or from a remote computer, mobile phone or tablets. It is even possible to view the real-time footage from separate cameras in a single window while ensuring all the cameras are recording the output.

Video surveillance footage as an investigative tool

Another major benefit of having a video surveillance system in the workplace is to offer evidence for investigation related to criminal activity including theft and vandalism. It is one of law enforcements best investigative tools for suspicious and or criminal related events. CCTV camera footage is exceptionally important if a crime is committed either within your office premises or around it. Not only is the footage valuable to spot and find out the perpetrator of the crime, but also use the same in court as evidence. Often times, jurors or judges make entire decisions based on CCTV monitoring footage and convict the perpetrator based on that. Presence of CCTVs in your premise is therefore not only beneficial for your employees and your property, but also for the community

Improve worker productivity and business operations

As an owner of a restaurant or a retail business or even a factory, you expect to get the best possible efficiency from your employees, a CCTV system is one of the best more cost effective tools you can get access to. Electronic surveillance of employees also ensures your focus is on the most critical aspects of your business rather than your attention on monitoring people. Your employees are more likely to work at their fullest capabilities when they know they are being monitored.
Also monitoring and analyzing surveillance video can identify inefficacies in processes or help setting the physical layout of your business. 

Other benefits for your business:

It will help to clarify any claim a customer may have against an employee for example that an employee was rude or provided misinformation, or a dispute over exchange of cash money video surveillance records can be used to determine what exactly took place.

As your business grows, adding and integrating additional cameras into an established network is easy and cost-effective.

The presence of a good security system shows your customers that you care about their safety and security and can improve their overall perception of your business

The reason to place the commercial security equipment is not only about safety. Business managers and small retail store owners can also use cameras to offer a better shopping experience. When a store has a security system, customers will think their security is cared about.

As a business owner, or leader, you can’t be in more than one place at a time. Video surveillance provides you with visual access to your business when you need it 24/7, 365 days a year.

If you own a factory or deal with dangerous chemicals or goods, then you are bound to have several high-risk areas within your premises, placing CCTV cameras within such locations not only cuts the risk of having someone physically watch over such dangerous areas, but also allow you to see the place in real-time. CCTV cameras can also be placed in accident-prone areas so that life-saving measures can immediately be put into effect in case of an incident.

If you own a business with multiple locations, being able to check in remotely can save you trips to each location and allow you to get more done. Check in to make sure new marketing displays are posted, employees are being productive, or new inventory is delivered on time.

A security surveillance video can prevent false or fraudulent liability claims against you or your customers. Businesses that serve the public are particularly vulnerable. Many insurance companies will offer reduced liability insurance rates to businesses that have security cameras installed.

More and more businesses are installing video security systems and for reasons beyond just catching shoplifters. New technologies make CCTV system a useful tool and an investment that will pay for itself.

Because employees, managers and supervisors cannot be everywhere at once, a video surveillance system monitors productivity without the added expense of hiring additional personnel.

Video cameras can also help increase your sales in case of a retail store by tracking customer traffic patterns throughout your business. This allows you to improve product placement and optimize your store set up by moving inventory and adjusting stocking so that you’re taking full advantage of “natural” high-traffic areas.

No matter the scale of your business or the office space you cover, disputes are bound to occur. These disputes could be between employees and managers, between employees and you, or even to the employees themselves. Usually when a disagreement occurs, business managers need to figure out exactly what happened. A surveillance camera feed can provide clear video proof about the entire incident. This will lead to a fair resolution and reduce business liability.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an ongoing issue in many countries, despite the stringent regulations in place. In 2012 itself, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission received almost 7,500 complaints in the US alone, resulting in a payout of almost $43 million in favor of the plaintiffs. Installing CCTV cameras can not only serve as a strict deterrent and provide your employees a safer place to work, but also ensure any such reprehensible activities are caught in the act. In court, such CCTV footage can also help you formulate the correct response in case of litigation.

CCTV surveillance in business also has an added benefit of reduced costs as compared to other traditional sources. Placing CCTV cameras throughout your premises will run costs which are much cheaper than hiring round the clock security officers for strategic locations.

Also, CCTV camera technology is steadily getting better, allowing you to benefit from high-tech systems which are replacing older coaxial wiring. Modern CCTV cameras are also getting smaller and less obtrusive, while at the same time promising better clarity, night-time infrared support, and lesser maintenance costs

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